hobo Military Tent Cloth vendor exclusive

27th August 2018


今シリーズでは、hobo A/W18コレクションにてレザーや帆布で展開するネックポーチ、ドローストリングバッグ、ショルダーバッグの3型をベースに生地を変更。テント生地のため強度はもちろん、1点1点異なる風合いも魅力です。

Utilizing fabric repurposed from vintage Czech military tents, hobo has crafted a special series of sturdy bags exclusively for vendor. The series consists of a neck pouch, draw-string bag and shoulder bag, three styles from hobo’s 2018 Autumn&Winter collection originally offered in canvas and leather fabrications. Due to the nature of using repurposed fabric, each piece is uniquely one-of-a-kind.
Release Date : August 27th, 2018
Exclusively available at vendor NAKAMEGURO,vendor NAGOYA

Remake Hawaiian Shirt Drawstring Bag
for relume

13th July 2018


“just feeling”をテーマに掲げ、カジュアル、ベーシックながら品質にこだわり、1歩先行くトレンドを独自の解釈で提案しているJOURNAL STANDARD relumeとhoboの、初めてのコラボレーション。
取り扱い店舗:JOURNAL STANDARD relume 表参道店

JOURNAL STANDARD relume and hobo collaborate for the first time on an exclusive bag perfect for summer. Based around the theme of ‘just feeling’, hobo has reappropriated vintage Hawaiian shirts and remade them into original drawstring bags. With each bag crafted from a different portion of the original shirts, every item is uniquely one-of-a-kind. The bags feature premium natural leather applied to the base and drawcord tassel detailing, while an internal pocket offers added functionality. Casual, excellent quality and oozing sunshine, this bag is the perfect carrying partner for the hot days ahead.
Release date: July 14, 2018
Available at: JOURNAL STANDARD relume Omotesando


Field Watch

9th March 2018



hobo's military inspired drivers watch sports a minimalist round casing and crown positioned at 4 o’clock. The design helps counter wrist discomfort that can occur when holding a steering wheel with standard 3 o’clock positioning. The watch is offered in two color options, olive dial with beige markers, and white dial with olive markers. The seconds hands on both watches are deep orange, a key color seen throughout the hobo 2018 Spring and Summer collection. The casing, which holds a Japanese crafted movement, is sturdy stainless steel with a matte finish, while an original NATO strap, featuring reinforced eyelets, provides reliable, utilitarian fastening.
Release date:March 15th, 2018
Exclusively available at:hobo dealers

Cow Leather Drawstring Bag for adam et rope

8th March 2018


「毎日に、洗練された心地よさと新しさを」をテーマに掲げる、ADAM ET ROPEとのコラボレーションアイテム2型。 使い込むことで徐々に艶を増してくる、姫路産のソフトな牛革を使用し、革らしい表情の変化を愉しめる巾着型のバッグです。 コラボレーションの特徴は、ハギ部分に差し込まれた細いフリンジ。バッグの動きに合わせて躍動感を演出します。 また、レザーコードの剣先にはタッセルチャームを取り付け、肩掛けや手持ちした際のアクセントにもなります。 カラーは定番のBLACKに、春らしいYELLOWを加えた2色展開で、男性女性問わずお使いいただける色合いです。 オールレザーの本体中には小物用ポケット、ネームにはヌメ革を使用するなど、hoboらしい細部への拘りを詰め込みながら、 軽やかな仕上がりとなっています。
取り扱い店舗:adam et rope

Operating under the concept ORDINARY NEWNESS, ORDINARY COMFORT, Japanese retailer ADAM ET ROPE is a true leader in casual sophistication. hobo has partnered with the store on a premium Japanese leather pouch coming in two sizes. Crafted from soft Himeji cow leather, the bag will gain a beautiful glossy patina as it ages with use. The bags feature leather tassel detailing at the top hem and the end of the leather cord handles. Coming in rich BLACK and deep YELLOW hues, the neutral tones make the bags suitable for anyone regardless of gender. The all leather body features an internal pocket, providing the added functionality that is expected from any hobo product. The bags are finished with nume leather branding. Beautiful, refined simplicity from hobo and ADAM ET ROPE.
Release Date : March 8th, 2018
Exclusively available at adam et rope

TACHYON 6” Lightweight Boots by Danner®

20th February 2018

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Regular partners since 2015, hobo and DANNER® present the fourth instalment of their collaboration series, a new charcoal colorway of the customised TACHYON 6” Lightweight Boots. Following up from US Marine Corps inspired COYOTE coloway offered for the 2017 Spring and Summer season, hobo this time takes its cues from the city and applies a rich tonal charcoal palette. The standard US military issue DANNER® TACHYON model is a full 8 inches in height, however hobo has reduced this to 6 inches making them more compatible for wear with a variety of pants. The midsole is lightweight yet robust EVA rubber offering excellent cushioning, while a pentagon lug pattern outsole provides outstanding grip in all conditions. The upper, constructed from cow suede and a sturdy nylon fabric, has had the lining removed, resulting in an exceptionally breathable, lightweight and comfortable boot. Eyelets on the arch of each shoe add ventilation, cup insoles provide extra cushioning and extended comfort, while speed lacing hardware afford quick and easy wear and removal. Customize the look of the boots with dual lacing options, tonal charcoal or contrasting orange and navy parachute cord.
Release date: Saturday, February 24



1st April 2017

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タフで実用的なミリタリーは、これまでにも〈hobo〉の物作りに様々なインスピレ ーションを与えてきました。 今回、〈DANNER〉と〈WILD THINGS〉という実際に米軍への納入実績を持つ 2 つのブランドとともに作った プロダクトはアメリカ海兵隊の標準色、コヨーテカラーをベースにしたシリーズになっています。両ブランドが タクティカルラインで培った高い機能性を生かしながら、全体をワントーンでまとめたことでタウンユースでも 自然に映えるバッグとシューズに仕上がりました。 DANNER®社が米軍に納入している「TACHYON」をアレンジしたブーツは、元々8インチだったハイトは現代 的なボトムスとの相性を考慮し、6インチに変更。スエードとナイロンで切り替えたアッパーは裏地を排して、 軽量さを兼ね備えました。〈WILD THINGS〉では定番モデル、「ガイドパック」の開口部を大きく開くジップに変え 、中身の出し入れがしやすいよう機能性を高め、見栄えをスマートにしています。ベースモデルと同様に、ボディ ーには米国ディメンションポリアント社の機能素材〈X-PAC〉を採用。格子模様とハリのある質感が特徴で、軽量 で強度も備えています。さらに今回のシリーズのために型から製作したサコッシュはストラップをはずしてバック パックのチェスト部分に取り付けられる仕様になっています。4月15日(土)発売。

hobo as a brand has always taken inspiration from the robust and utilitarian qualities of military gear. As a special delivery this season, hobo has collaborated with two long-standing suppliers of the US military, DANNER and WILD THINGS. The COYOTE SERIES takes its name from the color adopted by the US Marine Corps for its combat uniforms, with a rich tonal coyote hue applied to customized versions of the DANNER® "TACHYON” and WILD THINGS’ "GUIDE PACK”. The standard military issue DANNER® “TACHYON” model is a full 8 inches in height, however hobo has reduced this to 6 inches making them more compatible for wear with a variety of pants. The upper, constructed from suede and a sturdy nylon fabric, has had the lining removed, resulting in an exceptionally comfortable, breathable and lightweight boot. WILD THINGS standard “GUIDE PACK has been revamped with an extended main compartment zip, providing a much wider opening, making it easier to put things in and take them out, while also streamlining the shape of the bag. Like the base model, Dimension Polyant textile makers' high performance, lightweight X-PAC laminated ripstop fabric has been applied. Additionally, a sacoche made from the same fabric has been designed so it can be clipped onto the backpack's shoulder straps for wear on the chest when not being used independently.
Release date: Saturday, April 15

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hobo for BEAUTY & YOUTH

24th Feb 2017

フリーダムでスタンダードな提案をするメンズ&ウィメンズのフルラインストア「BEAUTY & YOUTH」 とのコラボレーションアイテム。”東京を身軽に移動するツール” をキーワードに軽くて耐久性のある素材、CORDURA®でアイテムを製作しました。生地の表面にシリコンコーティング、裏面にPUコーティングを施すことで強度と撥水性、手にした際の扱いやすさをより高めています。休日などの移動の際に必要最低限な荷物を収納できるコンパクトなポーチ2種とサコッシュ、シンプルなデザインながらラウンドした形が特徴的なトートバッグ、そしてバッグに使用しているナイロンテープと同素材のベルトを加えた5型となります。引き手やオリジナルネームにはヌメ革を使用するなど、コンパクトで軽快ながらhoboらしい拘りを詰め込んだプロダクトとなっております。

hobo has produced a special capsule line of products for esteemed Japanese retailer BEAUTY & YOUTH. Based around the concept of “tools to move freely around Tokyo”, lightweight and durable CORDURA® nylon fabric has been applied at the series of bags including two pouches, a sacoche shoulder bag and sporty round tote. A belt made from the same nylon tape used in the bags completes the five item collection. For the bags, a silicon coating has been applied to the fabric surface for water repellency, while the reverse side is treated with polyurethane adding strength. Each bag has been finished with a dual branded leather label. Compact, lightweight and offering plenty of utility, the hobo for BEAUTY & YOUTH series has the perfect tools for any day wandering the metropolis.



26th Aug 2016

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Following their popular debut collaborative revamp of the iconic Mountain Light model for the 2016 Spring   Summer season, hobo and Danner have partnered up once again.For the Autumn and Winter edition another archetypal Danner model, the Danner Light, has been chosen and reworked with all manufacturing taking place in Japan.Coming in earthy BEIGE and SAGE as well as BLACK, the entire upper consists of durable rough-out cow suede which will gain character over-time with wear. Other features include tonal color enamel coated eyelets, Danner’s military spec Speed lacing system for a quick, secure fit and military use Vibram Sierra soles.Embossed logos of both brands are applied to the tongue and heels.


hobo × TRUCK

22th July 2016


手作業の温もりが漂う家具作りで知られる、大阪発のTRUCK。今回のコラボレーションは、同店を主宰する黄瀬徳彦さんがhoboのバックパックを愛用していたことから始まりました。hoboデザイナー、朝倉秀樹が着想を得たのはTRUCKの人気作、TSPローチェア。山中で焚き火を囲んでお酒を飲みながらゆっくりと過ごす。そんなワンシーンをイメージした8つのモデルを「焚き火 BAR Series」と題して制作しました。キャンプはもちろん、普段の暮らしにも彩りを添えてくれる、両ブランドのクラフトマンシップが詰まったコレクションです。

Osaka’s TRUCK FURNITURE is renowned for it’s broad offering of beautiful, simple handcrafted furnishings. TRUCK owner and designer Tokuhiko Kise’s express fondness for a particular hobo backpack lead to an eventual collaboration between the TRUCK and hobo. Inspired by TRUCK’S “TSP LOW CHAIR” hobo designer Hideki Asakura, proposed a series of products centered around a camp theme. The resulting hobo × TRUCK 焚火 (Campfire) Bar series consists of 8 products designed for a soul-warming communal drinking session sat around a forest campfire. The series truly represents a shared passion for sourcing only the finest quality, most durable materials and a common approach to hand crafted manufacturing processes. 


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